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About LSH (Locality-sensitive Hashing) and MinHashing implementation using jaccard

I'm trying to implement this paper Browser Fingerprint Coding Methods Increasing the Effectiveness of User Identification in the Web Traffic I got a couple of questions about the LHS algorithm in ...
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About the explanation of testing and measurement of hash functions at Wikipedia

I'm studying about hash functions with Wikipedia and here is the explanation of testing and measurement of a hash function's uniformity: The formula is: $$\frac{\sum_{j=0}^{m-1}b_j(b_j+1)/2}{(n/2m)\,(...
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How to Calculate the Pearson correlation coefficient between the bits of a 32 bit Hash value?

I am new to statistics. I am checking the uniformity of the hash functions. There are examples to find the correlation between two values. I don't know how to find the correlation between the bits of ...
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Feature hashing and interpretability

I am working on a classification project where nearly all raw features (~30) are categorical such as category ID, city, or responsible team ID, some with cardinality > 600. I am using a feature hasher ...
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Proper length of random nonce for hash calculation (blockchain)?

I have a string s and I need to calculate a nonce such that when appending the nonce to the string, the generated hash starts with a given sequence. The hash has 256 bits, so the number of ...
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Why would somebody use a hash function for creating a test/train split instead of random seed?

I'm going through some ML training material from Google (I can't post a link because I'm getting the material through my company). In the part about how to extract data and split it into train and ...
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project hash into a fixed number of buckets using salt

We currently generate hashes for user-ids in our system (using md5) and bucket them into range buckets (range is 0 to 100, buckets can be 0-30, 31-70, 71-100). This process works this way - we ...
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Uniformity of hash functions [closed]

I'm looking for references that discuss and compare the uniformity of well known hash functions. For example: How does the literature analyze/compare uniformity of hash functions? I.e. what methods ...
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