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a measure of how strongly the model parameters or predictions depend on a training instance.

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How to actually use the Empirical Influence Function for BCa Bootstrap Intervals?

In the course of seeking reassurance for another part of a hobby analysis* I found a stack answer which mentioned The Jackknife, the Bootstrap and Other Resampling Plans (Efron, 1980). Having managed ...
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How to ues Conjugate Gradients (CG) to computes Inverse-Hessian vector products(IHVP)?

I do not understand the conjugate gradients(CG) in computing the Inverse-Hessian vector products(IHVP) of this paper, does someone know about the calculation process ...
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How to show that the influence function of minimum density power divergence estimator with positive tuning parameter is bounded?

In the linked paper, in the influence function section, the term ${u_{\theta}(y)}{f_{\theta}(y)}^\alpha$ is directly called bounded which i do not get the explanation of? Here $\alpha > 0$ is the ...
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Recentered influence function and OLS interpretation

I am working with Recentered Influence Functions (RIF) to estimate regressions in distribution. We have the following regression $RIF(F_y, \nu (F_y)) = \beta_0 + \beta_1X + \varepsilon$ where $\nu(F_y)...
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Variance of Influence Functions, Cross-fitting, and the Propensity Score

Following example 2 in this paper, suppose I wanted to estimate $\psi = E[E[Y|X,A=a]] $ and I had an influence function follows: $$ IF(\psi) = \frac{A}{\pi(X)}\{Y-\mu(X)\} - \psi $$ where $\pi(X)$ is ...
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Influence function of the IQR

In class I am told the influence function of the IQR should be a constant times the difference between the influence function for the 75th percentile and the influence function for the 25th percentile,...
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Intuition of Influence Function and Score function: $E[IF(X)S_{\beta}(X; \theta_0)]$

Question I find a theorem regarding influence function and score function \begin{align*} E\left\{IF(Z) S_\beta\left(Z, \theta_0\right)\right\}&=1\\ E\left\{IF(Z) S_\eta^T\left(Z, \theta_0\right)\...
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Deriving Influence Function for variance estimator

In chapter 2 of Tsiatis (2006), the following is stated After some straightforward algebra, we can express the estimator $\hat{\sigma}_n^2$ minus the estimand as $$(\hat{\sigma}_n^2 - \sigma_0^2) = ...
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Influence function of conditional quantile

I'm trying to derive the influence function of the estimand $\Psi$ $$\Psi(P) = P(Y > y | X = x)$$ Following tutorials for deriving the influence function of the average treatment effect here. Has ...
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Influence Function of M-Estimator

I know the following influence function for a M-Estimator: $IF(x_0,T,F_0)= $ $\frac{\psi(x_0)}{\mathbb{E}_{F_0}[\psi'(X)]}$ where $F_0$ is the centered model ($F_{\theta}(x)=F_0(x-\theta)$) I am ...
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Intuitive understanding of influence function

This question asks about influence functions. Probabilityislogic's answer is a bit fuzzy to me, but I can make more sense of jayk's answer, as this was the way influence function was presented to me ...
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Influence function used in partykit for binary classification

What is the influence function used for binary classification in the R package partkit, specifically for the conditional tree (...
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How is the asymptotic justification of the "linearization by influence function method" for surveys established?

The survey R package recently adopted the "linearization by influence function" method of estimating covariances between domain estimates. The central ...
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How to calculate the Influence function for the half variance

So we know that the influence function $IF$ for a functional $v$ at a point $y$ is roughly defined as: $$IF(v,F,y)=lim_{e\rightarrow 0} \frac{v(Y,G_y)-v(Y,F_y)}{e}$$ where $$G_y(y)=1(Y>y)*e + (1-e)...
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Is there a measure of the robustness of a statistic?

I got a question today when talking about mean and median, IQR and variance. Is there a numerical measure of the robustness of a statistic? I must confess that I had never thought about that before, ...
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How to find influence function of $\lambda=\log(\mu)$ such that $\mu=E(X)$?

The original question is that $X$ is a random variable that $E(X)=\mu$. We are interested in statistical functionals $\theta=\int\log(x)dF(x)$ and $ \lambda=\log(\mu)$. The first part of the question ...
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How does an influence function-based estimator estimate a target functional for an unknown distribution?

How exactly does a "1-step" influence function-based estimator estimate a target functional (like average treatment effect) for an unknown distribution? As described in Aaron Fisher and Edward H. ...
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How to find Influence function?

Derive $IF(x;T,F)$ when $$\displaystyle T(F)=\int_{F^{-1}(\alpha)}^{F^{-1}(1-\alpha)}x ~dF(x)$$ Here $IF$ stands for Influence function. Trial: Here $$\begin{align}IF(x;T,F) &=\lim_{t\to 0}\frac{...
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Influence functions and OLS

I am trying to understand how influence functions work. Could someone explain in the context of a simple OLS regression \begin{equation} y_i = \alpha + \beta \cdot x_i + \varepsilon_i \end{equation} ...
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