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Draw Maximum Information from Experts to set up Utility Function

We aim to draw maximum information from CEP-logistics experts to set up a utility function for delivery chain choices for each parcel. The choices / dependent variables are specific transport chains, ...
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Stat experiment question on when to sample control/treatment

I was asked this question in a recent interview but basically the interviewer asked about when to sample control/treatment for an experiment. My apologies in advance as my memory on the question may ...
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Infer relationships between coefficients given covariance information

Quant Interview Question: Given $y$ = $a_1$$x_1$, $y$ = $b_1$$x_1$+$b_2$$x_2$, $cov(x_1,y)$ != 0, $cov(x_1,x_2)$ > 0, $cov(x_2,y)$ = 0. Compare $abs(a_1)$ and $abs(b_1)$. Which one is larger and ...
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QR interview problem Guessing order of draws from iid U(0,1)

This is for QR at two well know trading firms (think jane street, HRT, Citadel, Jump ...)(not BB bank). Question prompt: Given n iid Uniform distributed r.v.s. $x_i$ ~ U(0,1). $x_1$ is drawn first, ...
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Binary variable in regression model (interview question)

I got this question, it may be easy but for some reason for me is not: you are given a binary variable $b\in [0,1]$, that has no predictive power on $y$, but has some on $X$. How would you use it to ...
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Data Science Interview FAANG 2021 Question

You have four tests that benchmark how much power we expect to draw from the servers in a rack: A (5 minutes), B (10 minutes), C (15 minutes) and D (30 minutes) that are conducted sequentially over ...
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Interview question: train/test error and "best" model

I recently had a puzzling interview question and I am wondering whether anybody can tell me the intended answer. The question shows train and test error for three models plotted against the number of ...
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