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Questions tagged [levenshtein-distance]

a string metric for measuring the difference between two sequences

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Word2Vec with some Levenshtein metric

I'm building a search engine of technical documents based on Word2Vec, using cosine similarity metric. This search engine is very specific because it is meant to work with technical writings written ...
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How should I go about recoding open-ended answers from a survey?

I have some open-ended survey data that I'm trying to recode, but the range of answers is very large (e.g. one question got responses of 'word', 'separate', 'mesabatainia', and 'abra cadabra alakazam')...
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Levenshtein Distance vs Damerau Levenstein vs Optimal String Alignment Distance

Could anyone explain in simple words (and maybe with an example) what the difference between the Levenshtein Distance, Damerau Levenstein, and Optimal String Alignment Distance? When would one use one ...
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