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Correlation of location to specific numerical values [closed]

I'm trying to calculate the correlation of specific locations (I have latitude and longitude data) to specific numerical values I have. Does anyone know any particular methods to do this? I have ...
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The null hypothesis for the location tests?

I want one expression for the null hypothesis for the location tests (one-sample t-test and one-sample Wilcoxon test) can I write this for both tests $H_0:\mu=0$ as general expression?
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Continuity of the location

Consider $f(x,\theta),$ a density function for the random variable $X$ with a parameter $\theta$. Suppose $f(x, \theta)$ is continuous in $\theta$. Is the location $$\int_\mathbb{R} x f(x, \theta) dx$$...
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How do location and scale parameters affect likelihoods?

Many statistical procedures rely on analyses of a likelihood function. Frequently, some (or all) of the parameters in that function are "location" and "scale" parameters. (See ...
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