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With which method I can manipulate the duration of intervals

My stimuli include auditory time intervals both in the form of single durations or sequences of intervals. To be precise I will use a discrimination task and participants are going to listen to the ...
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A chart of daily cases of COVID-19 in a Russian region looks suspiciously level to me - is this so from the statistics viewpoint?

Below is a daily chart of newly-detected COVID infections in Krasnodar Krai, a region of Russia, from April 29 to May 19. The population of the region is 5.5 million people. I read about it and ...
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Detecting manipulation (e.g, photo copy-pasting) in images

I am looking for a solution to detect photos that are manipulated with tools such as Photoshop. For a start, I want to detect copy-pasted images. Any idea how to detect photos that are manipulated by ...
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