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Does the example given correspond to a prior predictive check?

Could someone explain to me precisely what is meant by prior predictive check, in Bayesian inference? In some documents, one uses observed data (“in which we ...
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Check_model performance package interpretation plots

I am fairly new to R and statistics and I am building GLMs for frogs occupancy and abundance using a dataset with 57 observations and 13 independent variables. As some variables are correlated the ...
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How to compare fitted survival model with covariates vs. Kaplan-Meier?

How would one ideally compare fitted survival models with covariates vs. a Kaplan-Meier with a goal of getting an idea of whether the survival model describes the data well. E.g. in an example like ...
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building a good (mixed) linear model for agri-ecology data [duplicate]

I encountered an problem. I cannot build a good mixed linear model. For example, ...
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Can I say that my model is acceptable?

I am performing a multiple regression with GAM.I found the significant predictors using the stepAIC function and now I am performing a model checking with mod.check(). This is what a get: ...
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Test to prove Poker deals are not random

Note: I am fully aware about confirmation bias. People suspected "rigged" dealing in any game that has random elements. I played on a mobile app of Texas holdem poker called pokerrrr 2. I ...
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How do I interpret the angles of two concentration ellipses?

Consider a map with two concentration ellipses like this below. The Vomit_y group is (almost?) perfectly vertical, while the Vomit_n group seems to be oriented at about 45 degrees. I understand that ...
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How to check if a Machine Learning model is applicable for newly input data?

Suppose we have a good Machine Learning model, with good cross-validation and test score. How can we estimate whether a newly input data instance belongs to the domain of data where model predictions ...
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Bayesian test quantities

I have a Bayesian model and was looking to do some model checking via Posterior Predictive p-values. From Bayesian Data Analysis (Gelman et al) it is stated that we adopt a test quantity $T(y,\theta)$...
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Negative binomial GLM: model checking in R

I'm using a negative binomial GLM in R, but I could not solve the following issues (using McCullagh and Nelder (1989), textbooks and Google): Residual plots. McCullagh and Nelder (1989, p.398) ...
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