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Questions tagged [multi-state]

Multistate models describe continuous time stochastic processes allowing individuals to move among a finite number of states. May be used in survival analysis.

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Lifelines-CoxTimeVaryingFitter for Multistate Survival Analysis

I am new to survival analysis and cox regression, and have limited statistical background. I have time-to event data for a multistate survival model and I want to fit a cox model for each transition ...
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Multi-state survival analysis

I'm wondering if my use case fits this problem. I have a bunch of retail consumers, and I want to model the interval between their purchases. Because its' an online platform, we can observe other ...
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Zero time spent in initial state in multi-state model?

I'm modelling an illness-death multi-state model (see image, taken from the {survival} vignette,, and have a basic question: in ...
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Multi-state model: how to calculate whether a sample sub-population is significantly different from the parameterised general population

If anyone can explain this, or point me to the right sources to be reading, I would be very grateful. I have got a little lost in reading all the articles I find when I google the subject. My problem ...
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Extracting transition-specific estimates from a parametric multi-state survival model

I fit a multi-state survival model following Weibull distribution using function flexsurvreg. This data is about the depression trajectory of people with mild ...
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Multi-state Cox models: different formulas for different transitions?

I'm using coxph from Therneau et al's survival package to model a multi-state system. Transitions include: Baseline -> ...
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Survival Curves with a (potential) intermediate illness

Suppose initially that I am interested in the death rate of males and females that enter a hospital. I could fit survival curves and stratify by group (male or female) and obtain two separate survival ...
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Confirming the censoring state transition with a multi-state Cox model with recurrent events

I am working with data that contains information about the age at which each person enrolled in a study; zero or more hospitalization events for a disease (with age information); the age at which they ...
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