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MuMIn is a R package for Multi-Model Inference. It contains tools for model selection and model averaging.

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Difference between AICc delta<2 and AICc delta<4 in model.average

I am running a PGLS (Phylogenetic Generalized Least Squares) model selection using the library 'MuMIn' and its functions, see below the code: ...
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Why/when to set C-hat to the dispersion parameter in Quasi-AIC

In the documentation for MuMIn::QIAC, and several other sources on calculating QAIC, the following code snippet appears which I don't understand at all. ...
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modelling proportion data - transforming 0 and 1s to fit beta regression

I have proportion data which includes 0s and 1s (the ri column below, calculated from the ud/days_lib)). I have found a few threads related to modelling this issue. A few of which (e.g., this thread) ...
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Is post-variable-selection multimodel inference a bad idea?

If I understood correctly, in this answer, Ben Bolker says that using inferential methods after having performed AIC-based model selection is wrong because "standard inferential methods assume ...
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Do "conditional" averaged coefficients *ever* make sense?

This question is related to one on Stack Overflow where the user wanted to obtain predictions and their standard errors using the "conditional" averaged coefficients from the R package MuMIn....
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