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How should I set $\vec{\mu}$ in NAdam optimization?

In Dozat 2016 they introduce a sequence of hyperparameters $\mu_0, \cdots, \mu_T$ where $T$ is the total number of iterations. Naturally $T$ is dependent on the convergence of the parameters, so it ...
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Nesterov's Momentum (or Accelerated Gradient)

This might be a silly question, but here it is anyway. I'm trying to implement Nesterov's Momentum to extend the gradient descent algorithm that I'm currently using for my neural network, where I'm ...
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Trying to write Nesterov Optimization - Gradient Descent

Problem: Im unsure if I understood Nesterov Optimization Im writing about Nesterov Optimization, but the notation im using seems different from the references below. I have done it using some books ...
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How to choose between SGD with Nesterov momentum and Adam?

I'm currently implementing a neural network architecture on Keras. I would like to optimize the training time, and I'm considering using alternative optimizers such as SGD with Nesterov Momentum and ...
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