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Is there an implementation of xgboost for a single target variable but using multiple regression parameters

Is it possible, using custom cost functions or otherwise, to run xgboost regression for a single target variable, but rather than outputting just the conditional mean (conditioned on the feature ...
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Reliability of opensource ML packages [closed]

While working on a machine learning project, in addition to the widely known opensource ML packages like tidyverse (R), pandas/scikitlearn (python), we end up using lot of other little known packages, ...
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2 answers

Open source resources for transformer based language model and document embeddings

I'm looking for an out of the box transformer model that I can use that can give me document vectors for a list of text. I've looked at some of the BERT like transformers from huggingface but am ...
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Book request on Generalized Method of Moments [closed]

I found a very basic but usefull chapter on GMM available here. Does anybody know the title and the author of the book containing this chapter?
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Ethics of publishing covariate matrix

I am planning to submit a paper with a Structural Equation Model applied into a dataset built with measurements from schizophrenic patients. In the spirit of promoting an open research culture I've ...
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Where do I get open data on open source projects? [closed]

I'm trying to find out how many open source projects related to hydrological/environmental modelling are out there, and derive some basic information (e.g. total number, deployments per year, etc.). ...
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Publicly available data [closed]

I have some research data (around 300 GB) I want to make publicly available for other researchers. Do you know where can I upload these data?
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8 votes
3 answers

What are the most popular artificial neural network algorithms for recognising the content of images?

What are the most used/popular artificial neural network algorithms for recognising the content of images in general? E.g. If the picture is of a person, dog, cat or a car. If the picture is a ...
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What is the right attitude toward open source machine learning toolkits?

There are lots of machine learning toolkits nowadays, such as weka, sklearn, R libs. If we choose to use these toolkits, besides that it is convenient, sometimes ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Best open source data visualization software to use with PowerPoint

What is the best open source data visualization software? I require the following: Can import data from Microsoft Excel (importing data from Oracle databases would be good too, but this is not ...
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4 answers

Open source classification algorithms, preferably in C++ [closed]

I am in search of open source classification algorithms. I am working on a computer vision project that uses classification for scene recognition. I wish to bench test a range of machine learning ...
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2 answers

What is a good software for data collection à la CDC's Epi Info?

I am a medical student working on a project which requires massive data that are collected manually through data entry operators. Although I am using traditional tool used by epidemiologists, Epi Info,...
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2 answers

Public databases of learned HMM models for NLP

I understand that HMM models model language with Parts of Speech (POS) as hidden states and words as observations. These HMM models are usually learned from large text corpora, and many of these ...
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6 votes
3 answers

What are some good (ideally free) tools to give laymen access to basic statistical techniques?

I have been a contract worker for two different companies now, which means I show up at a place for 3-6 months and blow their minds with my awesomeness, but then, to everyone's disappointment, I leave....
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What is a statistical journal with quick turnaround?

What are good statistical journals with quick turnaround (fast review cycle), suitable for short notes in mathematical statistics and preferably with open access. An example is Statistics & ...
41 votes
12 answers

Open Source statistical textbooks?

There have been a few questions about statistical textbooks, such as the question Free statistical textbooks. However, I am looking for textbooks that are Open Source, for example, having an Creative ...
31 votes
8 answers

Open source tools for visualizing multi-dimensional data?

Besides gnuplot and ggobi, what open source tools are people using for visualizing multi-dimensional data? Gnuplot is more or less a basic plotting package. Ggobi can do a number of nifty things, ...
71 votes
19 answers

What are some valuable Statistical Analysis open source projects?

What are some valuable Statistical Analysis open source projects available right now? Edit: as pointed out by Sharpie, valuable could mean helping you get things done faster or more cheaply.