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Reporting significance of fixed effects in clmms - when to use ANODE tables?

I am working on some mixed effects models for ordinal outcomes using clmm. I have settled on my final model, and now want to present the findings. On reading around, I see the use of ANODE tables both ...
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Do the threshold values in the results of Ordinal Logistic Regression need to be strictly increasing?

I understand that the estimates of the thresholds should be strictly increasing from here and this youtube lecture. This is because they represent the thresholds that determine which output class the ...
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Ordinal log-loss in a multiclass classification in XGBoost?

I have a multi-class problem that which classes are simultaneously mutually exclusive and have ordering. You can think of the classes as being some score: 0 (Low), 1 (Medium), 2 (High). What I would ...
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