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Partial Dependence Plots for Linear Mixed-Effects Models?

I am currently using R and am trying to figure out a way to use partial dependence plots for mixed-effects models. I have heard that PDP plots are model-agnostic, but I have never heard of any PDP for ...
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Understanding the behavior of a neural network when extrapolated

I trained a Multilayer Perceptron to predict a variable Y based on a set of predictors. Then I decided to test it on unseen data outside of the training range. I am aware of (some of) the implications ...
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Extrapolation using machine learning models under specific assumptions

I have a problem that requires inherently extrapolation. I am aware that this a crucial matter with most (if not all) machine learning models. Yet, given the physical phenomenon underlying the ...
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Using bootstrap confidence intervals for partial dependence plots

Core Question Bootstrapping could be used to calculate confidence intervals (CIs) for Partial Dependence Plots (PDPs) from a random forest. But would this be appropriate? Example I have a dataset with ...
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