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Questions tagged [point-biserial]

The point biserial correlation is a special case of Pearson correlations where the outcome variable is a binary.

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Point Biserial vs. Spearman Correlation

I am playing around with the Spambase dataset from UCI also in the bayesreg R package (4601 instances). The target is a binary ...
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meta-analysis with point-biserial correlation using metafor

I would like to conduct a meta-analysis on the association of a continuous and a dichotomous variable. In order to compare the result with previous meta-analysis I woud like to use the point-biserial ...
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Not normally distributed data and point-biserial correlation?

If the data for the continuous variable is not normally distributed (shapiro-wilk sig = .000) can you still use a point-biserial correlation?? I have run the point biserial correlation to see and it ...
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Point Biserial Correlation

In terms of testing the assumption of normality for a Point Biserial Correlation; I have a dichotomous variable (1 = microsleep, 0 = no microsleep) and a continuous variable (number of driving events ...
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Point-biserial correlation for non normally distributed data

Can I use a point-biserial correlation if my data is not normally distributed and my sample size $N = 120$?
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