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Finding an appropriate formula to measure mutual information between pairs of observations, with K independent features

I am currently looking for some variant of mutual information, which I can use for the following setup: I have an N (subjects) x K (features) matrix: each column (feature) follows roughly N(0,1). (...
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What is the interpretation of mutual information for events?

The mutual information is usually calculated for random variables. I don't know what it exactly measures. Events are more intuitive to me. Can we use it for events, for example, cloudy sky and rainy ...
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Simple Numeric example to understand Pointwise Mutual Information

I have been trying to find a simple numerical example for PMI in order to understand the calculations, but I have not been able to find one. I have the following data (assuming there are more data, ...
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Accuracy of PMI (Pointwise Mutual Information) calculation from co-occurrence matrix

Background When calculate PMI or PPMI from a co-occurrence matrix (COM), it sums each row (co-occurrences) of the COM e.g. 2 for pineapple as in the formula in the snapshot. For this question, it is ...
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