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The proportion of cases in the entire population attributable to the exposure of interest.

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Incremental Users On Platform Method

I have the following data (aggregated, user level data is not available). date | platform | total_watch_time platform = [mobile, mobile + desktop, mobile + desktop + tv] I want to determine the ...
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Tools for reporting sample size that contains the percentage of the population

If we have a recorded percentage (statistic) on a population, if we take random samples we might not encounter the percentage till e.g. even we exhaust the population. E.g. a box with $500000$ balls ...
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How many more females in different sized populations

Delhi Mumbai Males 75 60 Females 125 40 TOTAL 200 100 In two cities of Delhi and Mumbai we have different population. I need to know how many females are more in Delhi given that we need to ...
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How to calculate proportion of the population

I am trying to calculate population attributable fraction. The formula that i am using is $$ \frac{P_e(RR-1)}{P_e(RR-1) + 1} $$ I am using this website as guide:
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Attributable Risk vs Absolute Risk Reduction

I am hoping to understand the difference between attributable risk and absolute risk reduction. Mathematically, the two entities seem equivalent, but the formulas for calculating their confidence ...
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Population Attributable Fraction adjusted for a variable

I am working in R tryign to estimate the population attributable fraction (PAF) for a binary outcome and 2 exposure variables that I had to coerce to become binary. I have used the "epi.2by2"...
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Fractional regression in r / stata [closed]

Does anyone know how to predict with the model fracreg ( fractional logit regression) in R or stata? the normal predict function didnt do the job
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Whats the difference between logistic regression and fractional response model? [duplicate]

Can anyone tell me the theory behind fractional response model, how it really works? I wonder if the logistic regression works only with binary variable {0,1}, why when conducting a GLM with ...
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Attirbutable risk from competing risks

There are a number of ways to estimate attributable risk fractions from Cox regression and logistic regression. Does anyone know how to estimate attributable risk from a competing risks regression ...
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Confidence interval for Population Attributable Fraction with several strata

I have used aggregated data to create a table of person-years (pys) and deaths by social class, age and sex. If we consider social class to be a modifiable factor, we can calculate the number of '...
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How to calculate whether a disease outcome in a population is by chance or significant?

I have a huge dataset of longitudinal medical records. Each record contains indications for drug and disease. I have been able to calculate the Outcome Rate in the population given a particular drug....
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How much lung cancer is really caused by smoking? [closed]

On tobacco products one can often see the statistic that nine out of ten lung cancers are caused by smoking but is this number accurate? I am sceptical about this stat for two reasons. Firstly, if ...
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