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Appropriate way to use post-stratification weights when running statistical tests SPSS

I have used Complex Samples in SPSS (and SUDAAN in SAS, Survey in R) when working with survey data that were collected using a sampling design that was not random. For example, when an oversample was ...
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Poststratification and estimation

I have a dataset about corn farmers in a certain region with informations like farm size, mean cost per planted hectare, number of employees, etc. Furthermore I also have from another source an ...
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Questions regarding Post-Stratification and Imputation

This is my first try in making a reproducible sample, so I hope it goes well and is comprehensive. Based on a (German) survey among young people of Generation Z, I ask: Does volunteering have a ...
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How to deal with post-stratification weights in regression settings?

I'm given a longitudinal (i.e., panel/repeated measures) dataset with 2 periods and individuals serving as clusters. The response variable is whether a person would support a healthcare bill, so it is ...
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How to weight samples in a subsample of a stratified sample?

Suppose I'm first interested in computing the percentage of people in a certain town with brown eyes. However, due to some constraints I end up with the following stratified sampling set up: $$N = ...
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Randomized blocking "after the fact"

I have 5 treatments that I'm going to randomly assign to visitors to my website. I'll have 10,000 or more visitors. Is it statistically valid to analyze the results based on visitor characteristics ...
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A numerical example for combining post-stratification weights

I'm reading Using Weights in the Analysis of Survey Data by David R. Johnson . When we conduct a survey, people have different likelihood to respond. For example, suppose there are 50% males and 50% ...
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Is it appropriate to pre-stratify and post-stratify along different delineations of the same variables in a single survey?

I am working in the context of opt-in, web-based surveys. Often the desire is for accurate population estimates, and often at a country-wide level. The standard approach at this organization is to ...
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Stat Sig for stratified sampled results of an experiment

I am new to using stratified sampling for variance reduction on online experiments and I was hoping to get some directional insights. I have a the result of an online experiment with following ...
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Stratified sampling where observed values vary with strata inclusion

Problem set-up: Let's say I make $n$ observations of a numerical-scale variable, $x$, where each observation can be cross-classified into $L$ strata. Each observation may belong to anywhere from 1 to $...
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Creating stratified subsamples from a sample (repeated observations) - Post stratification

I have a random sample of individuals in a country (without knowing in which province they live). From this sample I want to make stratified random samples on the provincial level (let's assume there ...
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