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How do I count replicates in chapter 1 of Crawley's book?

I am reading the second edition of Crawley's Statistics: An Introduction Using R and in the Pseudoreplication section of chapter 1 (pg. 15), he provides the following experiment structure: "...
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Does this experimental design avoid pseudo-replication?

I’m looking at a data set where 15 properties undertaking new management practices are sampled over three seasons. Measurements taken include variables such as vegetation cover and canopy cover. ...
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Predicting pair-level response with individual-level predictor

I want to fit a regression model with a pair-level measurement (i.e. litter size), but have an individual-level predictor variable (i.e. a morphometric measure = morph). Basically, all variables are ...
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Questions regarding pseudoreplication and required random effects

My problem I would like to infer the relative importance of "habitat connectivity" compared to "habitat quality" to explain tits breeding success in a urban area (more details ...
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Which statistical test should be used to compare two groups with biological and technical replicates?

I'am conducting a drug screening experiment samples grouped by two conditions (expression or not of a specific molecular receptor). For the group expressing the receptor I have four diferent samples, ...
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Are these data pseudoreplicated?

I have an amalgamation of independently collected datasets covering a large area of ocean where surveys to count birds have occurred sporadically over a long time. Some surveys were from boat, some ...
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Include variance in regression on mean values

I have a data set on a biological variable in a wild population. I am interested in how that variable changes with respect to an environmental variable, temperature. Given the constraints of sampling, ...
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How does pseudoreplication differ from resampling

I wonder how pseudoreplication ( differs from resampling (which is simply resampling with replacement from a given sample). On the one hand, resampling ...
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Is it possible to affirm there is pseudoreplication in a design without making assumption on variable importance?

this is quite an abstract question, but I am trying to learn more of the basics in pseudoreplication. Pseudo replication is defined by Hurlbert (1984) as: Pseudoreplication may be defined , in ...
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Pseudoreplication in a split-split plot design on count data in R

Agricultural Experimental design: a split-split plot in which a field is divided into 3 replications; each replication is divided into 2 to apply different pesticide spraying programs and each spray-...
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