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PSPP is an open-source alternative to SPSS, a statistical software package.

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2 answers

PSPP multiple variable linear regression analysis

I'm just starting with linear regression, and I'm having trouble understanding it. It doesn't seem to make any sense to me. Yes, this is school work, but instead of asking for direct answers, I need ...
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SPSS and PSPP yield very different logistic reggression results with same dataset

I'm trying to run a multiple logistic regression model where the dependent variable is dichotomous and independent variables are either bynary or continuous. At first I only had access to PSPP, but ...
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Can residuals from linear regression be used to test for normality?

I want to perform an ANOVA test for which the normality of residuals must be tested. I am using a statistical software package called PSPP which does not have the option of performing normality tests ...
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Need help placing my data into a multiple regression equation

I was asked to provide a multiple regression equation on top of the reported results on my paper. I am looking at several guides and tutorials as to how to calculate one but I am very confused. One ...
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How to create a subset that respect the same distribution of the original data set?

I have a presumably easy question for you, but I am a real newbie in statistics, so please be patient. I have a data set containing $N$ values that more or less follows a normal distribution. I need ...
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How to interpret repeated measurements

I am working on a clinical therapeutic study as a PhD student and I have a question about repeated measurements. The study focuses on wake therapy, I have about 60 patients and 15 healthy controls. ...
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Predicting running times for track meet places

Good morning all, I'm a track/running coach in Texas. That's my gentle way of saying that I don't have a statistical background, but I'm trying to learn what I can. Forgive me if I don't use the ...
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Count rows/cases in PSPP [closed]

I open a .sav file in PSPP (an open-source alternativ to SPSS) with get file=...sav Now I would like to see how many rows there exist.
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