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6 votes
3 answers

Who said, "let the data speak for themselves"?

Who said: "Let the Data Speak for Themselves" -- Ronald Fisher or John Tukey?
13 votes
2 answers

What's intended by "Let the data speak for itself"?

In reading the following paper, I came across the following statement: As mentioned, it is often presented without any reference to probabilistic models, in line with Benzecri [1973]’s idea to “let ...
17 votes
1 answer

Statistics is a machine ... quote

I will need to present a project to non-statisticians in an upcoming conference and I would like to include a quote that I have read at one point that makes the comparison between statistics and a ...
5 votes
1 answer

Where does this quote/poem come from?

Some time ago I came across (somewhere in the wide, wide net) this statistics limerick, which I liked very much: User beware, one must take so much care in matters statistical, be right and aware ...
5 votes
1 answer

Looking for a reference to a famous quotation about precision of numbers

I dimly remember from my youth a quotation from a famous engineer or mathematician about the need for expressing values with a suitable number of digits, but can't remember it at the moment. It was ...