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Clustering by using Locality sensitive hashing *after* Random projection

It is well known that Random Projection (RP) is tightly linked to Locality Sensitive Hashing (LSH). My goal is to cluster a large number of points lying in a $d$-dimensional Euclidean space, where $d$ ...
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Probability of norm of dependent vector elements

Suppose $A^T x=0$ holds for matrix $A \in R^{n \times m}$ and vector $x \in R^n$. Define vector y as: $y = (S A)^T Sx = \left[ \begin{array}{c} (A_{*1})^T S^T S x \\ \vdots \\ (A_{*m})^T S^T S x \end{...
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Kernel selection for one-class SVM learning

Has anyone seen compelling research on kernel selection for one-class SVM learning? I've not tracked this work in some time and am wondering if there's new work I've missed, particularly from the ...
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Invertibility of Random Fourier Features

Is it possible to approximately reconstruct a point $ \mathbf{x} $ in a vector space (say $\mathbb{R}^n $) given it's randomized feature map $ z(\cdot) $ and respective projection $ z(\mathbf{x})$ (in ...
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Is "random projection" strictly speaking not a projection?

Current implementations of the Random Projection algorithm reduce the dimensionality of data samples by mapping them from $\mathbb R^d$ to $\mathbb R^k$ using a $d\times k$ projection matrix $R$ whose ...
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