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Sir Ronald Fisher was one of the founders of modern statistics. Use this tag for questions pertaining to the man or his philosophy, etc. Otherwise, consider using more specific tags, such as [fishers-exact], [fisher-information], [fisher-transform], [fisher-scoring], etc.

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Are Fisher's tests of significance mathematically correct?

I think of Fisher's approach like this: We choose a test statistic whose distribution is calculated under H0. H0 being a simple hypothesis of preference We break down the distribution according to ...
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What was the fundamental error of Bayesian statistics according to Fisher?

Fisher wrote: "the theory of inverse probability is founded upon an error, and must be wholly rejected" I wonder what was Fisher's reasoning and what error he means in particular. The quote is ...
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Who first used/invented p-values?

I am attempting to write a series of blog posts on p-values and I thought it would be interesting to go back to where it all started - which appears to be Pearson's 1900 paper. If you are familiar ...
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How to create a distribution table of Fisher $\xi$?

I am not sure if this type of question is appropriate but I am hoping for some feedback in any case. I am trying figure out how to create a distribution table myself. The table I am looking for is ...
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What were the main statistical contributions of Ronald Fisher?

Richard Dawkins has described Ronald Fisher as "the father of modern statistics and experimental design", a line which is quoted in Fisher's Wikipedia biography. And also Anders Hald called him "a ...
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Who first stated the relationship between ANOVA and linear regression?

ANOVA is usually thought as equivalent to linear regression, which is very interesting. Who first discovered this fact? Did Fisher know about this when he worked on ANOVA?
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Is Fisher overestimating the variance here?

[NB: the title of this post used to be "Please help me decipher Fisher on ANOVA". I've edited the question to make it more focused, and modified the title accordingly.] Since anything written by R. ...
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Fisher for dummies?

Short version: is there an introduction to Ronald Fisher's writings (papers and books) on statistics that is aimed at those with little or no background in statistics? I'm thinking of something like ...
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What does "fiducial" mean (in the context of statistics)?

When I Google for "fisher" "fiducial" ...I sure get a lot of hits, but all the ones I've followed are utterly beyond my comprehension. All these hits do seem to ...
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