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Ruby is an open-source dynamic object-oriented interpreted language created by Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz) in 1993.

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Ruby as a statistics workbench

This is also a question that relates very much to Python as a statistics workbench and excel as a statistics workbench. I know there is a huge discussion about Ruby versus Python but this is not the ...
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What is the significance of a linear dependency in a polynomial regression?

I'm trying to find the best polynomial regression for a dataset where the polynomial's power is between 2 and 10. So the regression can have an x10 term at most in it. The dataset itself is simply a ...
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Logistic regression algorithm in Ruby

I have been using R to calculate logistic regression with many independent variables for a Ruby on Rails web application. However, I can no longer import data from the database to R using RPostgreSQL. ...
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How to detect feature value combinations with outstanding win percentages

I am building ruby on rails (ActiveRecord) horse racing application. One of the features that I would like to include in the application is the ability to identify meaningful "Angles". For example, ...
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How to make predictions from a logistic regression by hand [closed]

Thanks for looking at this, I've been tearing my hair out for a day or so now. I have done a multiple variable logistic regression in R, and obtained my coefficients. I am able to make predictions ...
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rb-libsvm - getting confidence of a prediction

I'm using rb-libsvm and the RBF kernel to make classifications. svm.predict(measurements) returns either -1.0 or 1.0. Is there a way to get a confidence for this ...
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Modeling a Poisson process with 10000 events per minute

I am trying to model a system that generates events modeled by a Poisson process. I am using the following ruby code: ...
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