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Scaling predictors in lmer (lme4) changes intercept to insignificant

I ran a multilevel model (lmer; package lme4) which provides me with unstandardized coefficients. I tried getting the ...
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Can the scale parameter produce a displacement?

I am doing some stuff with the SciPy's levy_stable distribution. The documentation says: ...
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Most appropriate model for 0-10 scale integer data

I want to estimate the effect of a grouping variable (5 groups) on an outcome variable that is an integer and a scale from 0-10. So, for the outcome only scores of 0,1,2,... etc. are possible. This ...
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How to determine sample size of rated objects for scale development

I am currently looking into developing a scale to measure a latent construct. I believe the latent construct is a property of conversation sequences. The scale I am developing has 4 a priori defined ...
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Why the log likelihood is positive in some cases

I have a log likelihood that looks like the following. $$ \log(p(Z|\Theta)) = -\sum_{p = 1}^{N} \left[ L \log\left(\pi\left(A F(p, \Theta) + \sigma_n^2\right) \right) + \frac{\sum_{l = 1}^{L} Z_l(p) }{...
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R - Weibull Distribution Parameters (Shape and Scale) - Survival table & Confidence Intervals & Bootstrap

I have used Monolix modeling to estimate the parameters of a Weibull distribution and got the follwing output(scale: 37.8/ shape: 1.73) . I would like to reconstruct the survival function to estimate ...
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Is confirmatory factor analysis a way to validate a scale?

I am doing a translation and validation of a scale. I do not have any other measures, so I cannot do convergent/discriminant validity assessments. Is CFA enough to validate a scale, and if not what ...
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Does the scale of a control variable matter?

why does the effect of a control variable on the coefficient of interest depends on how the control variable is measured? The following DiD model is estimated: Y = beta_1Treat + beta_2Post + beta_3(...
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I suspect that the MLE of the scale parameter in scale families of distributions is scale equivariant. Any derivative-free proof? [closed]

Suppose $f(x)=c^{-1}f_0(x/c)$, $c,x>0$. Then the MLE $\hat c_n(X_1,...,X_n)$, satisfies$$\hat c_n(aX_1,...,aX_n)=a\hat c_n(X_1,...,X_n),$$ for all $a>0.$
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WHy is the over dispersion in this poisson and quasi-poisson the same?

I have a zero inflated count data, on which I have run a poisson and quasi poisson reg using glm(). The output from a poisson model is as follows: ...
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GLMM with scaled variable: do I need to back-transform?

I am fitting a GLMM to powerline collision data for a bird species- using distance to seasonal water, habitat and the presence/absence of line markers as predictors. Incident is a binary response (50 ...
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Finding shape and scale parameters of gamma distribution

I have a dataset [click here][1] and trying to find the shape and scale parameters of gamma distribution. ...
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How do location and scale parameters affect likelihoods?

Many statistical procedures rely on analyses of a likelihood function. Frequently, some (or all) of the parameters in that function are "location" and "scale" parameters. (See ...
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