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Semipartial correlation and logistic regression

I am running a series of multiple linear regression models as well as logistic regression models. I have calculated the semipartial correlations (sr) as a measure of effect size for the linear ...
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Partial and Semi-partial/Part correlation in matrix/vector form

For three variables, e.g. $X$, $Y$, and $Z$, it is easy for me to deduce the partial and semi-partial correlation coefficients (in general), however I cannot do the same for more than three variables. ...
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Partial correlations or multiple regression model

I am interested in the relation between two variables ${A}$ and ${B}$ while controlling for several covariates. Some of these covariates are strongly correlated with ${A}$ and mildly correlated with ${...
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Partial R2 for factors in nlme

I need to obtain partial R2 for all explanatory variables of a mixed model, which should also include a correlation structure. For instance: ...
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what's the difference between semi-supervised learning and partially supervised learning? [closed]

Isn't every semi-supervised problem also a partially supervised learning problem and vice versa?
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When to use partial vs semi-partial correlation?

I understand the concepts of partial and semi-partial correlation, but I am still not clear on when to use one over the other. Are there specific research questions that would determine that we need ...
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Squared Semi-partial correlation for composite variable

I have 5 numerical variables (same units) (A, B, C, D, E and F) for N=13 countries. We could say I combine the variables into a composite variable called A. The formula is : A = (B + C + D + E + F) ...
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Is it a mistaken idea to use standardized coefficients to assess the relative importance of regression predictors?

There are various questions that speak to the relative merits of various methods of assessing the importance of regression predictors, for example this one. I noticed that in this comment @gung ...
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