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Non-parametric test to compare two paired samples. Not to be confused with the [wilcoxon-signed-rank] test.

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Can McNemar's test be improved upon by adjustments for zeros like those in a sign test?

McNemar's test is a special example of the binomial sign test, but the ('vanilla') sign test suffers from bias due to ignoring differences equal to zero. McNemar's test statistic is given by: $\chi^{...
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In what situation would Wilcoxon's Signed-Rank Test be preferable to either t-Test or Sign Test?

After some discussion (below), I now have a clearer picture of a focused question, so here is a revised question, though some of the comments might now seem unconnected with the original question. It ...
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How to choose between sign test and Wilcoxon signed-rank test?

I am trying to pick one from these two tests to analyze paired data. Does anyone know any rules of thumb about which one to pick in general?
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Alternative to the Wilcoxon test when the distribution isn't continuous?

One of the assumptions for using the Wilcoxon sign-rank test is that the underlying distribution is continuous (see here.) However, there are cases (for example, when analyzing Likert scale data) ...
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