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How can it be that the moderation analisys is not significant but at +- 1 sd of the simple slope analysis all slopes are?

I'm currently working on some preliminary data (185 subjects). I'm using moderation analysis with jamovi medmod package, 10000 bootstraps, continuous calculated variables (mean of items from a survey)....
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Interpreting simple slopes in OLS regression with multiple interactions

I dug through previous simple slope/effect questions and couldn't find what I was looking for, but happy to be pointed to it if it exists. On p. 17 of Jaccard and Turrisi (2003), they offer the ...
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An inherent inconsistency in interpreting the indirect effect in a mediation analysis?

Disclaimer: I am well aware that correlation and causation are different things, yet I will here write "A causes B" to keep it short. This is in any case completely unrelated to the point I ...
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How are simple effects calculated in JASP (and how to calculate them properly)?

I'm conducting 3-way (2x2x2) repeated measures ANOVA in JASP with a main factor of interest called symm, and two other factors: emotion (neutral/fearful) and masking (masked/unmasked). I want to ...
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How to interpret a significant effect present in a subset data but absent in the full data

My model has 3 predictors: Group (A vs. B) Condition (baseline vs. treatment) Memory (a continuous variable) The model gives an interaction between Condition and Group. I then tested the simple ...
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Main effect vs simple effect

In the following linear model: $y = \beta_0 +\beta_1 x_1 +\beta_2 x_2 + \beta_3x_1x_2 + \epsilon$ what are called $x_i$? The term $x_1x_2$ is the interaction. In ANOVA, $x_i$ are named "main ...
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Why are Simple Effects only used when the interaction is significant?

I have conducted a 2-way ANOVA and obtained a significant Main Effect in IV1 and IV2, but a non-significant interaction. Following that, I have analyzed IV1 using a test for Simple Effects and ...
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Computing Simple Slopes for 3-Way Interaction in Multilevel Model

I have several significant 3-way interactions in a 2-level models (individuals nested in couples), and I am struggling with the computation of the simple slopes. Essentially, my categorical level-2 ...
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Interaction not significant, but one simple effect significant: linear mixed model with lmer() in R

Currently cross-posted at because I wasn't sure which site was more ...
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