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How to test whether the values in one matrix are significantly smaller than in another matrix?

I have a set of proteins for which I have predicted structures using two distinct methods. For each protein, both methods have generated 5 different structures. My goal is to compare the stability of ...
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How to do log subtract (just like logsumexp) with probabilities? [closed]

To subtract a small probability from another, this answer has constraint on log probabilities l1 > l2: Subtracting very small probabilities - How to compute? but I need a function that works for ...
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Structural break test, individual regressors

Say I have an equation $y=\alpha_0+\alpha_1 x_1 + \alpha_2 x_2$ and I'm testing for a structural break (SB) in one of the slope coefficients. How would I discriminate between the breaks. For example ...
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What is the rate of waiting time increase for a M/M/1 queue where $\lambda = \mu$?

I am almost finished reading The Goal, which emphasizes the importance of managing bottlenecks in production. I'm more into service networks than production, but there is a lot to carry over from one ...
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