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Synthetic controls is a method used to establish causality with observational data in the absence of an experiment. This model uses historical pre-treatment data on the outcome to choose a set of weights which when applied to a group of untreated units produce an optimally estimated counterfactual to the unit that actually received the treatment. This counterfactual tells us what would have happened to the treated unit had the treatment never occurred.

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asking for synthetic control method with multiples outcomes and multiple treated units stats command please

I am trying to do synthetic control method with 2 treated provinces, 10 non-treated provinces, and 7 outcomes. Can anyone let me know which stata command I can use?
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How to use resampling to reconstruct an obesity cohort?

In a study, the administrative data contains everyone in a population. I am using ICD-10 code E65-E68 (excluding E66.3 which is overweight) to construct the obese cohort. Conversely, the rest of the ...
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Synthetic Control Method difference between MSPE and RMSPE

I am using Synthetic Control Method to estimate the effect some policy had. Got results and everything but when started to discuss inference method and placebo tests I have hit the wall. I got the $\...
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Synthetic control method when every unit is affected, but at different times

The synthetic control method can be used to calculate the effect of an event when some units are affected by the event but others are not. What method can I use if all units are affected by the same ...
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Arbitrary functions Synthetic Control Time series

I am aware that in synthetic control you create the synthetic control time series by effectively creating a weighted average of the matched/donor controls (plus extra covariates). My question is, is ...
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Comparative study using synthetic control

I am currently working on an idea for a paper and I've had an idea for a "new" methodology, but I am not sure if it's correct to apply such a method or if I should modify it in some way. Basically ...
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Synthetic Control Method with Correlated Variables

I am interested in using the Synthetic Control Method to measure the effects of a certain policy. I am afraid that the synthetic control will not be accurate because the underlying variables that make ...
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Synthetic control and unobserved confounders

The synthetic control (cohort) method is a very promising approach to causal inference that has been used in a number of interesting studies. It's particularly useful in situations where data are only ...
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Is this a strange relationship between individual and joint p-values?

I have two outcomes with 5 weekly effects for each one that stem from a synthetic cohort analysis. The two tables below show the p-value for each week (for the null that the effect is zero in that ...
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Experimental Design and Synthetic Cohort Methods

I have a problem that I have not seen in the literature or discussed online. I am trying to design an experiment where there will be very few treated geographic units, perhaps only one. You can think ...
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