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Questions tagged [test-equating]

Test equating is the area of psychometrics that deals with determining how to make scores on different tests equivalent.

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Equating between short form and long form of the same instrument

I have encountered several instruments in psychology and related fields where we have multiple versions of the same instrument, specifically a short form and a long form. For instance, the patient ...
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SEM with data missing by design: Is MI and/or test equating appropriate?

I have access to a dataset with approximately 50,000 participants and that includes a large selection of self-report scales; I planned to analyze correlations between several scales with Structural ...
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Transform a sample to have target values for the first 3 moments (Equating moments)

I want to transform the first three moments of a sample X of size N to get a new sample Y with moments ($\mu_Y, \sigma_Y, \nu_Y$). The first two moments can be mapped to the target values using the ...
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What is the role of non-anchor items when equating scales across studies using IRT?

I'm trying to use IRT to equate scales across 5 datasets. Three of them use the same scale (A); the other ones use different ones (B and C) There are items that overlap between A and C, A and B, but ...
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What linear transformation minimizes the Kolmogorov–Smirnov distance between two sets of points?

Suppose we have two sets of real-valued points $X_1, \dots, X_m$ and $Y_1, \dots, Y_n$. We want to find the linear transformation that makes the distributions look alike. If we want them to have the ...
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Equating two different sample sizes [closed]

I have two scores, Score 1 and score 2. Score 1 has 150 samples and Score 2 has 85 samples. Is it possible to equate scores, especially using R packages?
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How do I analyze a z-score to determine a difference?

My data are in SPSS. I teach in a nursing program. During their junior year, 68 students participated in a simulation scenario for heart failure. They were by rated by observers (0/1, did not do/did ...
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