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How to create a timeline to accurately visualize a time series with some missing dates?

I'm trying to solve a medical mystery using data visualization. But I'm not very experienced in handling statistical data. My data does not have rows for every day of the year, only for dates which ...
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Plotting a tree timeline (evolution history)

I am currently writing a literature review, and I'd like to be able to plot the evolution of some of the algorithms by plotting papers I've read, and their connections via citation as a horizontal ...
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Churn predictive modelling

I'd like to build a predictive model for predicting churn for a website. Here is the information I have for each customer : What they did : visit the website Buy something Do not read ...
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Time line analysis

I am conducting research on the relationship between a person's birth order and later risk of obesity using data from several 1-year birth cohorts (e.g.
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