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Questions tagged [traminer]

The R TraMineR library is a toolkit for exploring and rendering categorical sequence data such as sequences describing family life trajectories or professional careers. This CV "traminer" tag is intended for conceptual questions about the analyses that can be done with the library as well as more general questions about sequence analysis. For TraMineR coding questions use the "traminer" tag under StackOverflow.

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5 votes
1 answer

Problems with Groups in Traminer

I'm having a problem using the group function in TraMineR. I have a data set that contains SPELL data, so multiple rows per case. I also have demographic data per case, at one row per case. I merge ...
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Do low silhouette widths mean the data has little underlying structure?

I am new to sequence analysis, and I was wondering how you react if the average silhouette widths (ASW) from cluster analyses of Optimal Matching-based dissimilarity matrices are low (around.25). ...
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How to measure multichannel distances between "event" sequences?

In TraMineR, seqdistmc is used to measure multichannel distances between "state" sequences. I am wondering if there is a function to measure multichannel distances between "event" sequences.
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Detecting outlier sequences in clusters

My question is a general one: I have sequences of categorical variables (click stream) that I analyzed using TraMineR. I now want to conduct cluster analysis (CA) using the WeightedCluster package. ...
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3 votes
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How to do centroid clustering of sequences?

I want to cluster sequences using centroids. In the hclust package it is noted that "Method "centroid" is typically meant to be used with squared Euclidean ...
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How do I approach this problem about the order of the events?

So let's imagine I have a dataset of children. For each of them a have a bunch of characteristics (generation, gender, race, class, urban/rural, religion, bmi, number of siblings etc..) and plus the ...
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