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The R TraMineR library is a toolkit for exploring and rendering categorical sequence data such as sequences describing family life trajectories or professional careers. This CV "traminer" tag is intended for conceptual questions about the analyses that can be done with the library as well as more general questions about sequence analysis. For TraMineR coding questions use the "traminer" tag under StackOverflow.

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data-transformation for multi-state analysis using traminer/mstate

I am trying to estimate a multi-state model and am following the setup in the book by Mills (2011). The research units can go through different states a, b, c, and d. The research units can move ...
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Testing pdist() for statistical significance

Using pdist() in the PST package, two probabilistic suffix trees (PSTs) can be compared to each other. The function will output ...
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Inter-rater reliability for sequential data

I have 20 sequences that were coded by 2 judges, for example: Sequence 1, Judge 1: A-B-C-A-B-E-F Sequence 1, Judge 2: A-B-E-C-A-B-F I want to check the inter-rater reliability. Any suggestions on how ...
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Optimal sequence analyses and hypothesis testing

I am working with data in R using the TraMineR package. I am fairly new to this type of analysis, so please bear with me. I have a list of unique states (Ex: "NN", "s2s", "...
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How does the TraMiner Package Calculate Standard Error Using Weighted Data?

The TraMiner Package includes an option to include sampling weights in the analysis. However, I haven't found any discussion in the package documentation (or associated user manual) of how standard ...
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Handling missing data in Sequence Analysis (TraMineR) within the observation window

I'm using sequence analysis. I have a question about how to deal with missing data within the observation window. The starting point of the analysis is when respondents leave secondary school (t0). I ...
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Sequence analysis and clustering of multiple object

My data set are like this ...
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concurrent states

I plan to use TraMineR for a research study on student course-taking patterns in secondary schools. For instance – Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, etc. – where each course is a state. I wondered how to ...
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How to force a division in tree and locate covariates that explain the variable in TraMineR?

my goal here is simple: I have a bunch of sequences, and a few sequences of interest (that do contain a certain subsequence). I want to force that division and use a tree method (either CART or CHAID)...
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Treat left missing values as void in sequence analysis

I am doing sequence analysis using Traminer and I have employment sequences from age 51 to age 75. However, because some participants enter the survey after age 51, some of the sequences start later (...
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Is there any sequence dissimilarity measure that has an intuitive interpretation like the dissimilarity index has?

I want to know how much the sequences in my sample differ from a given ideal-typical sequence. Is there any intuitive way of interpreting the dissimilarity measures for sequences? If it would be the ...
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