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ROC curve and thresholds: why does it never have the ideal point at the top left for observations close to certainty?

I am using ROC curves for multi-label classification. I have a classifier that produces a score for each label, say a Logistic Regression that produces a probability. I understand that an ROC curve is ...
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What does positive likelihood ratio mean outside of medicine?

I am a meteorologist and I regularly hear of POD (we call it probability of detection) $ POD = \frac{TP}{TP+FN} $ as well as FAR (False Alarm Rate) $ FAR = \frac{FP}{FP+TN}$. But I recently had a ...
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Best way to sum up and visualize the relation between results of 2 tests measuring the same outcome with 3 results

I have a dataset of different individuals who underwent 2 test that measure the same outcome with 3 possible results not reduced mildly reduced highly reduced I know that the distribution of the ...
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Calculate probability of alarm and the posterior probability of this alarm being false over different frequencies of output

I have the following information for an automatic detection system that output a warning when a signal is detected: Specificity: .99 (i.e. a false positive rate $FP = .01$) Sensitivity: .9 (i.e. a ...
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How to interpret ROC curve if my FPR (X-axis) values ranges from 0 to 0.02?

I am plotting the ROC curve for my classification problem. The results I am getting for the problem are TPR ranges from 0 to 1, but the FPR ranges from 0 to 0.02. I have plotted the ROC curve by ...
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Can a low rate of true positives minimise false negatives?

I am analysing thousands of scientific pictures which all show a similar light pattern, trying to identify local anomalies on the pictures. As it is nearly impossible to inspect each single image due ...
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Logistic Regression: What is the value for precision when recall (true positive rate) is 0?

A quick overview of definitions before I get into the question: True Positive (TP): An actual positive that the model classified as positive False Positive (FP): An actual negative that the model ...
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why I am getting TP and FP in confusion matrix is 0, how to get it right?

why I am getting TP and FP in confusion matrix is 0, how to get it right? tp = 0,fp = 0,tn = 9847,fn = 18
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Bayes theorem for a rare disease [duplicate]

I learned about Bayes' theorem recently and hoped to apply it to the following problem: 1% of a country's population has a rare disease. A resident takes a disease test with a true positive rate of ...
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ROC curve from an array of Confusion Matrices (true positive rates and false positive rates)

How can we create an ROC curve from an array of Confusion Matrices (true positive rates and false positive rates)?
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