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Average of Percents, or Sum Total / Sum Total?

I have some data and need to know the average commission of all the items. For each row, I calculate the percent of items sent out. If I wanted to know, "What is the average commission", ...
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I have weekly averages, and weekly 2-minute peaks, can I estimate 30-second peaks?

I have been given weekly averages and weekly 2-minute peaks of flow to a process. I'd like to predict the 30-second peak. To clarify: By “weekly averages”, I mean that once a week, I get the average ...
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How to measure effectiveness of warehouse pickers?

Workers in a warehouse pick items in a pick-list to fulfil orders. The number of orders a worker fulfils in a shift depends on how quickly they work. But the total number of orders received per day ...
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Percentile(s) - logical explanation

What EXACTLY do percentiles (/does which) mean, how are they distributed exactly (equally/weighed)?
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Choosing Best Average Method-Calculating the average over time

Suppose we want to calculate the average annual balance of a customer in the bank. If we want to have a normal average, we will add up the customer balance in the year and then dividing by the number ...
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Choosing the right average method

The following tables shows the wall clock times of some programs. So, A means the time for one configuration and B means the ...
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How can the sum of averages of my sample exceeds average of entire population? - market concentration

I want to see what percent of a market of listeners on a livestreaming platform my sample of top 100 musicians with the highest number of average listeners during a given month has. I only have ...
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average of geometric and harmonic means

I have a stochastic simulation model in which three types of mean (arithmetic mean, geometric mean, and harmonic mean) are calculated for three different variables. I run the simulation 1000 times so ...
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Graphic representation of averages

I have a series of averages. One of these however turns out to take too high a value due to a N. low equal to 1. Let me explain better by means of an example: I have to calculate the averages of the ...
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expected value of sample from a skewed distribution

Let us say a market's prices are distributed with a skew. Given a sample of 10000 products, I can estimate the median, arithmetic mean and weighted average or any other statistic. Let us say I draw ...
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Typical Customer Order Value

I am analysing some sales data and looking at the customer orders for 550 customers and want to answer the question "What is the typical customer order value", however, the orders are skewed ...
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summary statistics of groups at different scales/units

I have these made up observations: ...
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Winsorized mean - trimming furthest points instead of both endpoints

I'm wondering if the Winsorized mean can be improved by trimming the 5% farthest points from the mean instead of trimming 5% on each endpoint. Concretely: Consider the Winsorized mean, where we ...
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What mean use when there is outliers [duplicate]

for a project I need to get a mean each time, this mean I then use it to compare it to a distribution under the null hypothesis H0. However sometimes some values (...
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Trimmed, weighted mean

The trimmed mean (or truncated mean) is a robust version of the mean, designed to be robust to outliers. I am wondering what is the right trimmed version of a weighted average. If I have a sample ...
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Should You Take the Average of Two Test Score Percentiles?

I have two different tests that measure the skill of participants in two different fields, leading to two different test scores for each participant. I want to combine both test scores to get an ...
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Comparing yearly data that has different $n$ values per year?

I have been collecting soil moisture data at my research site for almost 20 years. However, I have not been consistent with the number of times that I have been taken these measurements. The problem ...
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Meaning of phrases (median vs mean): Income of the average person in my city vs. The average income of people in my city

Hello Cross Validated, I have been discussing things like the average income of a person in my city, and have come to think there is a subtle but important difference in the phrases "Income of ...
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Is there a name for the midpoint of a sum (not a mean or median)?

I have a set of purchases with $ values like this: {1, 1, 1, 2, 7, 8, 10, 10, 20, 20}. Sum: 80. Mean: 8. I had thought that if you split this into equal sums (of 40), this would occur at the mean (8). ...
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Can someone give the intuition behind Mean Absolute Error and the Median? [duplicate]

I do not understand the intuition behind why the median is the best estimate if we are going to judge prediction accuracy using the Mean Absolute Error. Let's say you have a random variable $X$ and ...
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Why does mean tend be more stable in different samples than median?

Section 1.7.2 of Discovering Statistics Using R by Andy Field, et al., while listing virtues of mean vs median, states: ... the mean tends to be stable in different samples. This after explaining ...
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Is there more than one "median" formula?

In my work, when individuals refer to the "mean" value of a data set, they're typically referring to the arithmetic mean (i.e. "average", or "expected value"). If I ...
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Arithmetic Mean Versus Geometric Mean for Environmental Measurements

The following comment was made by whuber in response to the question Which “mean” to use and when? ... in many cases the right mean to use is determined by the question we are trying to answer ...
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What can one conclude about the data when arithmetic mean is very close to geometric mean?

Is there anything significant about a geometric mean and arithmetic mean that fall very close to one another, say ~0.1%? What conjectures can be made about such a data set? I've been working on ...
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What mean to use in odometer calculation based on model?

Im trying to figure out what would be considered a valid calculation. Imagine I have a dataset that looks like that: ...
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When to use mean or median?

I am asked to put together some KPIs. I'm breaking down what the general lifespan of our subscribers is by industry. There are some industries I feel outliers are impacting what the average would be, ...
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Trimmed mean vs median

I have a data set with all the calls made to an emergency service and the response times of the ambulance department. They admitted that there are some mistakes with the response times as there are ...
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Is the median a type of mean, for some generalization of "mean"?

The concept of "mean" roams far wider than the traditional arithmetic mean; does it stretch so far as to include the median? By analogy, $$ \text{raw data} \overset{\text{id}}{\longrightarrow} \text{...
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Should I use arithmetic or geometric mean here?

So I have monthly indices (Consumer Price Indices for 12 months) for a given country. I want to calculate the annual average for each country in order to have an average Consumer Price Index for a ...
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What are the relative merits of Winsorizing vs. Trimming data?

Winsorizing data means to replace the extreme values of a data set with a certain percentile value from each end, while Trimming or Truncating involves removing those extreme values. I always see ...
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How is finding the centroid different from finding the mean?

When performing hierarchical clustering, one can use many metrics to measure the distance between clusters. Two such metrics imply calculation of the centroids and means of data points in the clusters....
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What are the different types of averages?

I know there are three types of averaging methods in statistics: Mean, Mode and Median. Are there any other type of averaging methods that statisticians use? How do I know which method is best for ...
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Which "mean" to use and when?

So we have arithmetic mean (AM), geometric mean (GM) and harmonic mean (HM). Their mathematical formulation is also well known along with their associated stereotypical examples (e.g., Harmonic mean ...
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Mean and Median properties

Can somebody explain me clear the mathematical logic that would link two statements (a) and (b) together? Let us have a set of values (some distribution). Now, a) Median does not depend on every ...
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Is median fairer than mean?

I recently read the advice that you should generally use median not mean to eliminate outliers. Example: The following article
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Why is median age a better statistic than mean age?

If you look at Wolfram Alpha Or this Wikipedia page List of countries by median age Clearly median seems to be the statistic of choice when it comes to ages. I am not able to explain to myself why ...
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What do you call an average that does not include outliers?

What do you call an average that does not include outliers? For example if you have a set: {90,89,92,91,5} avg = 73.4 but excluding the outlier (5) we have <...
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