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Variability or dispersion describes how a variable's values are spread out or compressed.

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Measuring intra-observer correlation

We're far from what you'd call expert statisticians, so we'd like to ask some help in an ongoing medical research. We have 60 subjects. A researcher took at least 3 times the measurements of 8 of ...
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Estimating if a distribution is significantly less conserved than others when one group is involved.

I am looking at levels of genes in a dataset and want to identify genes that do not vary much in terms of their expression level. While I can do this using the coefficient of correlation, calculating ...
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What exactly is the "proportion of variability explained"?

One often hears to say "more than 70% variability is explained by ..." What exactly is meant by this? Th proportion of the sum of squares (SSE), or mean sum of squares (MSE)? For example in the ...
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The search for statistical dispersion before tests… and multiple testing issues

After finishing a data collection season, there's a huge dataset containing n>>1 variables (columns) and a few different observations divided by group (rows; let's say cases and controls). The task is ...
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Measuring relative variability for variables with different scales

I want to compare the relative variability of several sleep-related variables in the same group of subjects. For example, is there more variability in time spent in REM sleep compared to the number of ...
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Help needed in computing Inter-rater, intra-rater variability

I have been working on a test in which I need to quantify the variability in a process. The process in question involves positioning a number of landmarks on an anatomy. There are two sets of ...
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Looking for significant variability of categorical data in columns of data frame

I have a data frame with each column contains categorical data: 0,0.5,1,-1 ...
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Measuring inter-subject agreement in user ratings

In my system I have users rating objects (e.g. films) from 1 to 5 stars. The mean rating clearly tells something about the overall opinion on an object, but I'd like to use a more precise measure of ...
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How to compare the variability of two measures from meta analysis?

I have two measures from each of 20 studies. Random-effects meta analysis has been performed for each of the two measures, and for each measure I have two values to indicate data variability, cross-...
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Inter-experimental variation in survival experiment - how to estimate variability?

In my animal experiments, I do survival studies, which generate Kaplan-Meier survival curves for each group, which I then compare with an appropriate log rank test. My question is: If I have run a ...
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How do I compare the repeatability of two sets of experiments with a low number of samples?

I'm investgating the repeatability of an experimental process (actually measuring lift in a wind tunnel), which can be measured using a single number, Q. However, I only have limited access to the ...
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Estimating variability over time

I have a dataset that contains ~7,500 blood tests from ~2,500 individuals. I'm trying to find out if variability in the blood tests increases or decreases with the time between two tests. For ...
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