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Modeling the number of corners in soccer

For a project, I am looking for idea to model for the distribution of corners in football matches. I know that the number of goals can be model by a Poisson distribution, but for the number of corners, the distribution has larger tails. I think it is partly due to the fact that after a corner, the ball is put back in the game on one extrema of the field and this makes the probability of a second corner more likely. Would any of you have an idea of a model I could use?

EDIT I realized reading the comment that my first message was not precise enough. I do not have a specific distribution in mind, my initial idea is to adapt the Maher model for the number of goals in soccer matches. In this model the number of corners of team $T$ vs team $T'$ is assumed to followed a Poisson distribution with Parameter $a_T d_{T'}$ where $a_T$ and $d_T$ are the attack and defense scores of team $T$ which are estimated from the data using macimum likelihood.

To answer one question from the comment; from there, I am looking for a distribution different from the Poisson distribution which generalizes such model to the distribution of corners. A distribution for which estimating the parameters via maximal likelihood is possible would be perfect.