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How to interpret a nonsignificant interaction effect with significant main effects?

Your study objective is to assess effects of four drugs on a health outcome with reference to the effect of a control substance on a health outcome. It is not about influence of time on drug or drug ...
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ANOVA comparison different subsets of same data frame

It's because they are two different subsets. When you use anova for model comparison, the models have to be on the same data with different models, usually nested models. If you want to see if there ...
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Transforming data for ANOVA or GLM

In my honest opinion you should not use aov() for modeling repeated ecological count data. Further, transforming your outcome variables is usually not the best ...
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ANOVA, ANCOVA, linear mixed effect model

Option 1 and 2 are a no-go because your observations are clearly non-independent given the repeated measures. Option 3 looks the best to me. I prefer using lme4 for ...
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