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Long-term variance of AR(p)

UPDATE: I think I've figured it out. The Yule-Walker equations are the correct ones. When I was opening the expression of variance I was considering that $V[A+B] = V[A] + V[B]$. I was forgetting the ...
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VAR model variable selection

Maybe it's a bit too late to your exam. I think it's natural that you can't find relationship for stocks, which have high noise to signal. My preliminary thought is that if you want to stick with ...
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Difference between zero-inflated model and zero-altered model

family = nbinom2() does not specify a zero-inflated model. It specifies a negative binomial distribution using the "quadratic parameterization" (hence ...
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When to include random-effects in zero-inflation model component?

Is it appropriate to specify random-effects (RE) in zero-inflation (ZI) component of the model? It certainly can be! So long as the zero inflation is not entirely determined by the unit for which ...
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Regarding explosive AR processes and stationarity

changing an explosive AR process to be in a future dependent form is pointless, real life does not operate that way Is there a reason we don't consider the case of $|\phi|>1$? Is it also because &...
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Brockwell/Davis seem to say more persistence implies better predictability---do I have a counterexample?

As things stand, I cannot see how the prediction MSE for any process that regularly has an error term $\epsilon_t$ with variance $\sigma^2$ coming in, independently of what happened before, can ever ...
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Time series regression on mixed frequency overlapping data

There may be overlap between observations of the dependent variable or the regressors. If the observations of the dependent variable overlap (e.g. $y_t$ and $y_{t-1}$ measure partly the same thing), ...
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Convergence of predictions of an autoregressive model

Autoregressive model you are testing generates outputs by taking linear combinations of the last two observations in the sequence. Such a model can be represented with the Linear State Space ...
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