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Logloss worse than random guessing with xgboost

Log loss is a strictly proper scoring rule, which means that it can be decomposed into measures of calibration (if the predicted probabilities align with the reality of event occurrence frequency) and ...
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Efficient prediction using Lightgbm/XGBoost when varying single feature keeping the remaining constant

The problem is that in principle, boosting can model any kind of interaction between your fixed $C$ and your varying $z$, so even if $C$ is fixed, its particular setting may have any impact on the ...
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(THEORY) Do Tree models output probabilities?

I think this can be made simpler. Single independent variable, and classification. In this case, I would argue, tree-based model is not that dissimilar from learning the distribution of your binary ...
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(THEORY) Do Tree models output probabilities?

Your assessment of the situation is excellent. I would just add that in my practice random forests suffer some of the worst miscalibration that I’ve ever witnessed as a statistician. Even a single ...
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