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Applying Bayesian probability to a generalized Monty Hall problem

I agree with you, but there's a big "however" following this opening section: it doesn't matter why he picks the door, as long as the door has the goat behind it. The presence of the goat ...
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Birnbaum's Theorem: Strong belief in a model $\implies$ the likelihood function must be used as a data reduction device?

No, a strong belief in a model does not require that we maintain consistency with all these principles. To explain the reason, we need to describe some historical background from around 1962 when ...
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Why do Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models (DDPM) add noise according to $\sigma_t$ during sampling?

This is very late, but I had the exact same confusion and managed to resolve it! Your comment earlier about the expression making more sense if it were $\sigma_{t-1}$ is the correct intuition, and is ...
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Formal definition of sufficient statistic

I am failing to see any problem. For a collection of probability measures $\mathfrak M:=\{P_\theta,\theta\in\Theta\},$ the statistic $T$ is sufficient if there exists a version of $\mathbf E_\theta [1\...
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