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Whitening/Decorrelation - why does it work?

This is a couple years late, but I think this is a very good question and there are not many clear intuitive answers about it. I could be wrong about some of this, so if someone could verify this, ...
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Transforming skewed distribution of dependent variable in linear regression?

Adding 1 before taking the log is not great because of the reasons identified in the comments. However, I'm guessing your DV is measured per county or something like that. It's unlikely you have ...
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Can you do a log transformation for excess kurtosis, or is that mainly used for skewness?

First, if you are doing OLS regression, it does not assume anything about the distribution of the variables. It makes assumptions about the errors, which are approximated by the residuals. Second, in ...
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Transform normal distribution to skewed distribution without changing its support

Despite the fancy jargon, the above answer is incorrect over the support mentioned, as neither function is normalizable if the support is x>1, so the functions do not technically define a ...
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Calculating percentage change from emmeans

Do this: contrast(regrid(chla.emm, "log"), "consec", type = "response") The regrid part ...
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WOE (Weight of evidence) cross-validation bias

I think you can try use bootstrap sampling, you also can retrieve some confidence interval for your's classifier error.
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