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Different Transformation of the same IV

I agree with everything Nick said here (except that I still use "independent variable"). I'd just add that, unless you have strong substantive reasons for your somewhat unusual choice, then ...
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Different Transformation of the same IV

Naturally it's possible. You did it. Your question is presumably whether it's a good idea. Question in turn: Why did you choose different transformations in different models? There are many myths ...
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To achieve consistency, why do we only make regularizer invariant?

From my understanding, the true question is: what happens if you apply a linear scaling $x \rightarrow \tilde{x}= a x+ b$ to the input x (or to the input of any hidden layer) ? You would like your ...
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Why in Box-Cox method we try to make x and y normally distributed, but that's not an assumption for linear regression?

The very purpose to check if a given data is normal, if we use t-tests or analysis of variance to find significant difference between groups of data. If we apply t-tests or ANOVA without knowing if ...
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log transformation for paired t test

The OP gave this as one possibility: "log transform the difference scores and do a one sample t-test against a test value of 0" This is not an ...
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