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Multivariate Analysis for Personal Hygiene Product Survey

This is a tricky quant marketing problem with multiple complications. I am not aware of an easy solution. But I will try to outline how I think about the problem to point you in the right direction. ...
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Using percentage change as a dependent variable?

The answer by Firebug is very helpful and it shows you some of your modelling options. Of these options, I strongly recommend measuring change using the logarithmic difference and modelling using ...
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Staggered difference-in-difference with continuous treatment

As a continuation to the discussion, I want to add references to the shortcomings pointed out in the staggered differences-in-differences approach, which presents the binary case of your question, ...
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Power estimate for an interaction term in factorial design

With a 2-way ANOVA you want to evaluate the interaction between the two treatments. So which minimum detectable effect (MDE) do you care about? Is it the MDE of that interaction? You need to go beyond ...
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