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How to determine the confidence intervals for the principal axes of a second-rank tensor?

The description is quite long, so I may have missed something. So you have a tensor $\mathbf{k}=k^{ij}\mathbf{e_i}\otimes \mathbf{e_j}$, $k^{ij}=k^{ji}$. You then are interested in the projection of ...
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What's the difference between the variance and the mean squared error?

The two are similar. You're squaring values on a graph to give a positive difference. However the variance is self however contained. i.e. it's only measured against itself. Whereas the Mean Squared ...
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Validating binary prediction model

There are a bunch of ways. Two reasonably popular ways are the Brier score and the log loss. The Brier score is square loss, the same as mean squared error: $\text{Brier}\left(e, p\right) = \dfrac{1}{...
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How can I find the standard deviation of the sample standard deviation from a normal distribution?

I just want to point out that the standard deviation of $s$ can be well approximated by $\text{SD}(s)\approx \sigma/\sqrt{2n}$ when $n$ is large. The relative error is less than 0.38% for $n=100$ and ...
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