GLLAMM stands for Generalized Linear Latent and Mixed Models. It is a Stata package capable of estimating GLMMs, mixed models, and latent variable models. Please use stata and multilevel/mixed-model/mixed-effect/glmm tag, as appropriate

GLLAMM stands for Generalized Linear Latent and Mixed Models, a simultaneous generalization of generalized linear mixed models (generalized linear models with mixed effects added to the linear predictor) and latent variable models (such as factor models) obtained by allowing interactions of variables as mixed effects (or factor loadings). Strictly speaking, GLLAMM is a Stata implementation of the paradigm using numeric integration.


Related tags: Please use stata tag to indicate that you are (apparently) using Stata software. Please also use multilevel-analysis, mixed-model, mixed-effect, random-effects-model, glmm, logistic-regression to indicate the specific type of model that you work with. If you have also tried fitting the same model in R, lmer or glmer tags may also be in order.