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DHARMa residual vs. predicted outliners

Nicholas answer is correct. Some more quotes from the DHARMa vignette: Note that outliers in DHARMa are values that are by default defined as values outside the simulation envelope, not in terms of a ...
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Difference between zero-inflated model and zero-altered model

family = nbinom2() does not specify a zero-inflated model. It specifies a negative binomial distribution using the "quadratic parameterization" (hence ...
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When to include random-effects in zero-inflation model component?

Is it appropriate to specify random-effects (RE) in zero-inflation (ZI) component of the model? It certainly can be! So long as the zero inflation is not entirely determined by the unit for which ...
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Addressing Heteroscedasticity in Mixed Effects Models with glmmTMB and DHARMa in R

Summary: I fit three Bayesian models to understand the problem of over-/under-dispersion when modeling this dataset about species trends across Europe. A mixture of two gaussians seems to handle the ...
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