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Deviance as a measure of fit

What you are missing here is the hypothesis testing. We have: $$H_0:\beta_{p+1} = \beta_{p+2} = ... = \beta_{q} = 0$$ $$\text{vs}$$ $$H_1:\beta_i \neq 0 \text{ for some } i \in \{p+1,...,q\}$$ where $...
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Pearson chi squared test vs deviance test in GLM

Generally, the G-test is useful in case of categorical data, but when we see the concept of "Goodness of fit", the more powerful test is chi-square test as compared to the LRT. Also I would ...
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Why do I get very bad fit indices for a moderation? (including a negative TLI!) / Multilevel Model

I would need to know more about your model and data to recommend anything besides looking at modification indices (i.e., what @Erik Ruzek and @michael_zyphur suggest you do). Though my guess is that a ...
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Use of weights in non-linear least square fitting

A nice reference relating to this question is The conditions under which chi square measures the discrepancy between observation and hypothesis Fisher RA 1924 Journal of Royal Statistical Society, 87, ...
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Deriving Sample version of Anderson Darling test statistic from the theoretical version

Let $U_{in}:= F(X_{in});$ for brevity though, we would write $u_i$ in place of $u_{in};$ take $u_0=0,~u_{n+1} = 1.$ Define $\psi(x):= [x(1-x)]^{-1}.$ Anderson-Darling statistic is given by $W_n^2:= n\...
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How to determine which distribution fits my data best?

I recommend Fit distributions and document them. (I'm the creator)
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