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Interpreting interaction term

Setup Treatment: 2 levels (treated, control) Income: 3 levels (Low, ...
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Which statistical test would you recommend for this experimental design?

Generalized Linear Mixed Model with Nesting You could model this with a generalized linear mixed model, which would look something like this: ...
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swapping DV and IV in the presence of an interaction

Your regressions do not seem to answer that question. I would, instead, see which did better. So, the DV would be "control vs. patient" and the IVs would be letters read with each chart. ...
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Cox regression baseline risk and interpretation of coefficients

First, the way that you are modeling gene assumes that its values, in the scale that you are using, has a strictly linear association with log-hazard. That's ...
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What methods to use in pre and post testing?

I will address your questions individually: Do I discuss just the 102 participants within my analyses? I would advise against just using these participants. Your analysis will be obviously biased ...
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Addition of regression coefficients in Linear Probability Models?

This is a standard coding of binary predictors. We can forget all the other predictors in the model for a moments and just consider a single binary $X$ predictor representing gender; we'll say $X=0$ ...
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Testing the effect of a continious IV on DV, in order to explain group differences

In my view you overinterpret the difference between "significant" and "not significant". Note that an insignificant result does not mean that the null hypothesis is true, i.e., ...
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Interpretation of main effects under the presence of interaction terms in fixed-effect models and using plot_predictions

Here you see more interpretations in terms of one of the variables being a moderating effect You can rewrite $$y = a_0 + a_1 x_1 + a_2 x_2 + a_3 x_1x_2$$ as $...
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