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Feature engineering for sheet music

Maybe useful in this context, also a little bit too late: A novel way to measure similarities between notes Taken from here: The use of the twelfth root of two in music is very well known in Western ...
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Baseline model for predicting the load forecast

I´m pursuing a PhD in this area so far I can tell that: Industry is mostly based on robust yet simple models: AWS offers a solution that as far as I can tell uses ARMA based models (AWS Forecast) ETAP ...
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How can calculate number of weights in LSTM

Total number of weights in LSTM N/W = 4 x inp_dim x (inp_dim + out_dim + 1) So, in your first model: For Stage-1(input --> h1): inp_dim = 39; out_dim = 1024 Therefore, weights of stage-1 = 4 x 39 x ...
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