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In multilevel logistic regression, can pooled data return significant variables when the same variables in stratified data are not significant?

Your main question here is: Can a variable (for example, sleeping outdoors) be statistically significantly associated with infection in the pooled data with random effects for household and village (...
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Multi-level models and random effects: Still confused

welcome to CV! And congratulations on starting to study hierarchical models. One thing that this topic helped me to understand is that there is no right answer. It all boils down to your needs and ...
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Should a Better User Engagement Model Keep Outperforming Old Models Across Time?

Your director can certainly require that your proposed new method gives a week-over-week lift. I agree that this will be harder to achieve than a single bump right after introduction. (Essentially, it'...
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Using participant-specific slopes in correlations and dependent variables in subsequent models

This is a good question and the concerns you have are justified. I will address the second and third questions you asked. I honestly have no idea what they were trying to accomplish in the first ...
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